Types of Cycling

Indoor or Gym Cycling

Indoor cycling is a training program on top of a bike with established characteristics, with background music. For this purpose, each bicycle has a gradual firmness, which is adapted to the needs and level of preparation of each individual. This class is taught by an instructor who at the same time, leads and displays it with objectives, technique along with previously established intensity, without forgetting his charisma and the respective professional care by his students.

This program was created in 1987 by American professor and cyclist Johnny Goldberg Spinner. This type of cycling consists especially in the training of the lower train. To obtain the care of the lower train and also the protection of its joints, you must: align the spine, have knee and ankle placed according to each other, feet parallel to the ground and very firm, prevent the skates and not shorten the angle of the knee of what is recommended as healthy, primarily.

The cycling RPM

It is known as RPM to a spinning variant that consists of performing choreographed routines at the rhythm of a given music. This indoor cycling practice has the advantage of providing the student with a relatively intense training system but in a fun and simple way. Sessions can last up to 50 minutes, in which you will lose between 400 to 600 calories. A class of RPM should always start and end with a smooth rhythm, concentrating the greatest intensity of the exercises in the middle of the routine.

Road Cycling: Competition on the Road

Road cycling is also known as road cycling, precisely because it develops on this surface.

Road cycling is a challenging sport. But it should not be confused with cycling, even though the latter occasionally runs. Road cycling includes the following tests:

Track Cycling: Competition at a Velodrome

When talking about cycling on track, we are referring to that test of cycling whose characteristic is that it is disputed in a velodrome and with track bikes, the same ones that are somewhat higher than those of route, this to avoid friction in the turns.

The bicycle track does not have brakes or changes, are equipped with the pinion fixed, this means that the pedals will continue to move until they grind to a halt, the wheel, having to slow down using a bit of force to the sector opposite of the pedaling.

Mountain Biking: Sport on Tortuous Roads

Mountain biking takes place on a mountain bike, or also mountain biking (All-Terrain biking) on top of mountainous terrain.

It should be mentioned that they are also real resistance exercises in which the term is used to the other fields. Among the various grounds on which this test is carried out are sand, mud, land, streams, etc. and not only that but also obstacles such as holes, stones, branches, logs, cliffs, various slopes, etc.

Trial: Cycling Going Through Obstacles

The trial cycling is a way of mountain biking, which comes from the motorbike trials. In this test, the participant must avoid obstacles or obstacles on his or her own without being able to support his or her feet on the ground. It is necessary to indicate that Spain is the cradle of this sport, and it was likely invented by Father Pedro Pi, who was a world champion motorcycle trial.

In trial cycling, the general principle is to travel several pre-established sections. It is usually two rounds of ten sections or three rounds of seven sections. The winner is the one who accumulates the most points at the end of the competition.

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