Best Bike Trails

  1. Transpyr Gran Raid MTB Pyrenees, Spain

The organizers of Transpyr gran Raid MTB, Oriol Sallent, and Francesc Sallent, from Girona, say it is one of the most exciting and memorable mountain bike adventures one can take part in. The mission to be accomplished? Reach the Cantabrian Sea leaving the Mediterranean, after diving into the valleys and villages of the southern slopes of the Pyrenees and crossing Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre, and the Basque Country. Because that is what it is about, to cross the fabulous Pyrenean mountain range from coast to coast, uniting two seas in seven stages in which the participants combine the best of themselves: performance, endurance, ability to overcome and companionship, increasing the spirit of adventure in an area of extraordinary beauty. This route, accessible only to highly prepared cyclists, incorporates an accumulated slope of 20,000 meters and hard climbs and technical sections in which the bicycle must be pushed punctually.

  1. Absa Cape Epic MTB Race, Republic of South Africa

It is a career in mountain biking that is done in teams of two and usually combines the best of the professional elite of this sport, but also the amateurs are well received. The Cape Epic part and ends at the University of Cape Town. Here the cyclists gather on the first day and go 26 kilometers to Tulbagh, a large area of vineyards, from where the race begins in seven stages. Pass by Wellington, Welvanpas (where you run the famous trails, cyclists) and the mountains of Stellenbosch, also known as the city of oaks, to take the direction towards Durbanville, already near Cape Town, from where it is facing the last stretch back to the university. A total of almost 650 kilometers with a tough accumulated slope of 14,950 meters and many stretches of climbing and extreme descent that require the maximum concentration and dexterity of the runners. It is a challenge that puts the cyclist and his bike at the limit of their strength. But without a doubt, the Absa Cape Epic MTB Race has many adepts, as about 600 teams usually participate. In addition to personal improvement, this is where we discover really amazing places.

  1. British Columbia Bike Race, Canada

This race takes place in seven stages across the rugged Canadian west coast, from Victoria to Whistle. It is the British Columbia Bike Race, or BCBR, the world leader in MTB trails, which covers a journey of more than 300 kilometers and accumulates more than 9,000 meters of elevation. Here, participants will encounter some of the most impressive singletracks in the world. The singletracks are those narrow, unique track paths that, due to their size and characteristics, can only be traveled on the two wheels of a mountain bike. Without a doubt, BCBR is more than an adventure; it is a real experience

  1. Yak Attack Nepal

The MTB race, held at the highest altitude in the world –reaches a height of up to 5,416 meters– takes place in the Himalayan range. Not all cyclists dare to face this challenge, which is unfolding in one of the most abrupt and harsh territories on the planet. Here, the warm, dusty lowlands contrast with snowy peaks where oxygen is scarce. Also, during the ten days of the competition, the participants have to save an accumulated drop of 15,000 meters. Its organizers say the Yak Attack is unclassifiable, playing in their own league. Although it is not suitable for the common cyclists, it is not intended only for the elite. Physical strength is indispensable, of course, but so are the mental self-control and tenacity needed to get to the finish line.

  1. Bike Transalp, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy

Spectacular trails, amazing landscapes, challenging Gorges, beautiful villages, and impeccable organization. These are some of the characteristics of the Transalp, a competition that, as its name suggests, runs along 520 kilometers through the heart of the Alps, in Austrian, Swiss and Italian territory. It consists of seven stages and involves cyclists from a quarantine of countries, organized in up to 600 teams made up of two people. In seven days, the participants will drive their bikes through a pure mountain terrain that amounts to a total of 17,750 meters. The route starts from Imst, in the Austrian Tyrol, and goes to Nauders, touring the Inn Valley along the ancient via Claudia Augusta, the largest Roman road that crossed the Alps in the time of the Roman Empire. Then it continues to Scuol, already in Swiss territory, and continues through the Italian towns of Livigno and Bormio, a scenic stretch. From Bormio, the cyclists will continue pedaling towards Mezzana and Trento, finally reaching Arco. A competition that, according to many experts, is a real must for MTB lovers.

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