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The Gulf Coast Bicycle Club (GCBC) is a group of enthusiastic people who enjoy cycling. If you love to ride a bike, have fun while doing it, and want to make friends, this group is for you. We welcome cyclists of all ages and experience levels.
Throughout the year, GCBC hosts competitive and social cycling events. You'll want to mark your calendar for our monthly no-drop ride through beautiful Ocean Springs and the Gulf Islands National Seashore. This ride, affectionately known as the "TatoNut Ride," occurs on the first Saturday of each month. We end the ride with delicious TatoNut donuts. Check the event calendar for more details.
Don't pass up the chance to interact with GCBC socially! Join our discussion forums and follow us on Facebook and Meetup for current information on club events as well as status of scheduled rides. These are the only places you'll receive notification of last minute changes and cancellations.

We encourage everyone to practice bicycle safety and always wear a helmet.

Enjoy the ride!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events



Ride Maps

The Gulf Coast Bicycle Club and other locals offer several group rides for your cycling pleasure. Distances and paces vary for different skill levels and experience. Also, as you would expect from an active cycling membership, there are occasional adhoc road rides, mountain bike rides, and training rides anyone is welcome to join.
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